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Local Development:

A bit of local history and background:


Maroochydore was established as a quiet beach-side holiday destination on the mouth of the Maroochy River around 1912.  Read more.


The name Maroochydore is derived from two words of the Yuggera (Brisbane River) language, i.e. Muru-kutchi — meaning red-bill, the name of the black swan. Maroochydore is from Murukutchi-dha, the place of the black swan.  The name Maroochydore came into general use in 1884.


Over the past 105 years the "Near North Coast" region, later to be renamed "Sunshine Coast" in 1967, has grown dramatically.  Read more about the region's time-line.


In 2004 "Wises Farm" in Maroochydore was purchased by a developer (Chardan) and has gradually been shaped into "Sunshine Cove" with expansive lakes, interesting residential and commercial precincts, and beautiful parks and walkways.  Read more.


In 2011 plans were put in place by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to redevelop Maroochydore into the Region's CBD.  The former Horton Park Golf Course was purchased, and progress currently is underway to create a unique 'greenfield' CBD to be the focus for the Sunshine Coast Region, and a leader in urban design and innovation.  Read more about the Maroochydore City Centre Redevelopment being promoted by SunCentral Maroochydore.


We look forward to seeing Sunshine Cove further take its shape and claim its place as a key near neighbour of the new Maroochydore CBD, servicing the Sunshine Coast and presenting a positive lifestyle option for future residents and visitors in the years to come.


Come and enjoy the evolution of our new vibrant city centre, maintaining green credentials, and most importantly the cherished 'laid-back' lifestyle that for over a century we have all fallen in love with here on the Coast.



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